dental floss mole removal
The dental floss mole removal – tie it off and let it drop off.

Have you hear about this one? The dental floss mole removal technique. It’s an oldie but a goodie. We gathered this information from various reports on the Internet.

We read varying levels of success. Personally, we wouldn’t try it and and don’t recommend it. There seems like there are easier home mole removal solutions. Still, in the interest of information, here’s the procedure we discovered and have summarized below.

Note that this process should only be used on protruding moles. If in doubt check with your doctor. Our guess is he or she will not recommend it.

  1. Get a piece of unwaxed dental floss or fishing line. Our research revealed that fabric thread or string is not advised.
  2. Clean the mole and area with alcohol or other skin cleanser before you start.
  3. Ensure the floss is clean.
  4. Tie the floss very tightly around the base of the mole or skin tag with thread or dental floss. The idea is that the mole’s blood supply will be cut off.
  5. Clean the mole and area with alcohol or other skin cleanser daily. If it gets infected, go see your doctor.
  6. The mole will die and fall off after a period of days or weeks.

Note this procedure has risks so infection. So be cautious and clean well before using this technique. Check with your doctor if you have questions or are unsure. Many medical professionals say home mole removal should not be attempted.

Did anybody video the mole tie off process?

Yeah, this guy’s queasy wife videoed him tying off a mole and then freezing it and cutting it off. Caution: It is kind of gross.

How long should I wait after tying off a mole or skin tag?

Conventional wisdom seems to say that if you don’t use the quick removal technique where you tie it off, freeze it and cut it off, then a mole will fall off using the tie-off method after a week or two. Those that tried it seemed to report that it doesn’t take more than 2-3 weeks. It will vary based on how tight you tie it and if you cut off the blood supply correctly or not.