Remove your mole with black salve

This black salve mole removal technique uses a natural ointment that contains bloodroot, which is a wildflower plant that blooms in the spring in eastern North America. Bloodroot has long been used to by native Americans to dye cloth and used as face paint. It is believed to have anticancer properties that specifically can be used against skin cancer. However, read more about this anticancer claim here, as it is not conclusive.  Still, it may be a simple and natural way to get rid of moles.

How to use black salve to remove the mole:

Here are the steps to take when using this mole removal technique:

  1. Buy ointment or drops that contain bloodroot. (Be sure to check before purchase – not all black salve contains bloodroot.)
  2. Apply the black salve ointment onto the mole liberally. Or use a bloodroot tincture
  3. Cover the anointed mole with a fresh Band-aid to protect it.
  4. Change the Band-aid and apply fresh black salve ointment twice every 24 hours. Do this once in the morning and once at night every 12 hours or so. Also change it if you go swimming or get it wet.
  5. Repeat over two to three days.
  6. The mole will drop off.

Why black salve works

Black salve ointment typically contains bloodroot which has long been used to naturally treat skin problems, especially freckles, moles and skin cancer.

Cost: $10 for a 2 oz tin of black salve

Note: Be sure the black salve you select contains bloodroot.

Comments about this black salve mole removal technique?

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