mole removal videosReview these mole removal videos produced by dermatologists

Here are some fascinating, scary and sometimes shocking mole removal videos found on the web that show how doctors remove moles using surgery.

The include fairly common procedures as well as newer mole removal techniques include one with a laser.

Mole removal surgery with stitches


Mole removal excision using a shaving technique

Toronto dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett removes two raised moles using a technique called modified shave excision.


Large mole removal with laser

Dr. Joe Niamtu from Richmond,Virginia (see his site) shows his technique of scarless mole removal using the Ellman Radiowave surgical device.


Face mole removal by Sarasota dermatologist

Dr. Abrams, a dermatologist in of Sarasota, FL, (website) removes a mole from a patient’s face.