What makes a cute mole? These mole-toting celebs define beauty

Not everyone wants to remove their moles. In fact some regard moles as beauty marks. If you are looking for examples of what may be considered cute moles, then the list below, that features beautiful women with prominent moles, will help. The prominent moles enhance their beauty and are considered not only cute, but very an iconic part of their beauty.

In many cases the moles, also referred to as a beauty marks, have iconic status in pop culture, and are almost as famous as their owners.

Cindy Crawford's cute mole
Cindy Crawford’s famous moles (click to see a larger version)

Cindy Crawford – Cindy Crawford made her name as a supermodel on 1980s fashion runways. Her mole has become part of her signature look and is one of the most famous beauty marks on camera ever. Her sister once encouraged her to eradicate her famous mole, but her mother convinced her to keep it, and leave it for the world to see. Read about Cindy’s life and career in her book: Becoming. A great read to be sure!

Marilyn Monroe – Marilyn Monroe’s facial mole – on her left lower cheek, is perhaps the most famous mole of all time rivalling Cindy Crawford’s mark. Besides Marilyn’s stunning looks, voluptuous figure and cascade of blonde hair, the small dark dot was one of her most defining beauty traits.

Marilyn Monroe's mole
Marilyn Monroe’s iconic mole (click to enlarge)
Kate Upton mole
Kate Upton’s dainty mole

Kate Upton – Kate is another astonishing beauty who has graced the fashion runway as well as the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and the big and small screen. Her moles are less prominent, but she is a classic case of someone who has cute moles, especially the petite one above her lip below .

Mariah Carey's cute mole
Mariah is not shy to show off her cute mole

Mariah Carey – Mariah is known for her big voice.  Her great beauty is part of her fame, complete with moles of course!

Khloe Kardashian – This Kardashian cutie is not shy in showing off a few moles here and there with her revealing fashion and plunging necklines, revealing her beauty marks on dotting her chest.

Rachel McAdams' cute moles
Rachel McAdams famous moles

Rachel McAdams – You know Rachel McAdams from movies such as Mean Girls, The Notebook, and Spotlight. The stunning actress has both face and neck moles. Of note is a prominent mole on her left cheek near her ear and on her chin. And a twin set on her neck.

Angelina Jolie: When you think of Angelina Jolie, you may not think of her right eyebrow mole, but it is a key part of her look. Once you notice it, you realize how cute the mole really is. Some have called it an eyebrow accent. We like to call it beauty punctuation.


What defines a cute mole

If you study the faces of beautiful women that sport moles, typically the moles have some ke traits that makes them cute. Here are a few descriptors that define famous moles as “cute” or “beautiful”.

Uniform color

Cute moles often have a uniform color and are often enhanced with makeup to highlight the clear skin around them and their prominence that punctuates the face they adorn.

Uniform shape

Round or mostly oval moles seem to be considered cuter than misshapen ones. Curvy is a ke part of beaut and and nicely round or curved mole seems to fit the bill.

Striking placement

Angelina’s eyebrow mole and Cindy’s cheek mole that is just offset from her lips seems to draw the eye and is consider a true mark of beauty.

Smaller size

Cute moles are usually smaller in nature, with all due respect to Cindy Crawford.

Raised versus flat

Raised moles have personality, but a curved bump is preferred over a shrivelly raised raisin style mole.

Hairless mole

No one likes a hairy mole, so cute moles tend to be hairless and manicured. Hairy moles tend to develop as people age and so are associated with age. That is not to say that there is no beauty in aging, however keeping a mole hairless seems to be a requirement to keep a mole defined as cute.

How to remove an uncute facial mole

If you want to rid yourself of a mole that you consider unsightly then mole removal by a doctor, especially removing a mole on the face,  the best and safest option. ou want to minimize permanent or significant scarring.