Funniest pop culture reference to a mole: Austin Powers’ movie

Maybe the ultimate mole removal reference in a movie is from the Austin Powers movie Goldmember. Watch the Austin Powers mole reference here from the movie Goldmember. It is hilariously funny and will make you feel better about your own moles, skin tags or blemishes:

Here is the transcript of the Austin Powers mole scene

Austin Powers: Excellent Basil, we’ve been trying for years to get a mole inside Dr. Evil’s lair, we now have that mole.
Basil:: Yes! Ah, and here he is.
Austin Powers: So you’re the [zoom up on the mole’s mole] mo-o-ole, mo-o-o-le…
Foxxy and Austin: Mo-ost, most, most excellent agent we’ve ever seen.
Austin Powers: Yes, most excellent agent we’ve ever seen.
Foxxy: Mm-hmmm
Austin Powers: (quietly to Foxxy) Thank you.
Mole: Thank you. Now, I wasn’t able to get an exact location, but I did learn that Dr. Evil has moved to a new lair outside of Tokyo, Japan……By the way, I realize that I have a large mole on my face.
Austin Powers: Where??? (nervously laughs) What? Where’s that mole? I… didn’t see one.
Mole: I also realize the irony that I am myself…a mole.
Austin Powers: (nervously) No one would make that connection.
Basil: (to the Mole) Anyway, well done, old chap. Jolly good work.
Austin Powers: Yes, nice to mole you–meet you! Nice to meet your mole! Don’t say mole.
Foxxy: Stop.
Austin Powers: I said mole.
Foxxy: Stop!
Mole: Bye.
Austin Powers: Mole.
(Basil and the Mole walk to the elevator.)
Austin Powers: Mo-ole… (Basil raises index finger, face indicating “that’s enough.”) Mole!
Basil: (irritated) Oh, shut up!
Austin PowersMoley-moley-moley-moley-moley!

I do wonder if Austin has ADHD watching this scene. See the entire Goldmember movie trailer…click here

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