While home mole removal procedures will often work and can be very cost effective,  there are potential hazards associated with DIY mole eradication techniques. Here are a few hazards of home mole removal:

Unresponsive moles

A mole will not respond to home remedies if it has  progressed to cancerous or precancerous stage. Chopping off the mole with string or using another removal process, will not cure you of skin cancer. In fact, it could make it worse or can delay the a correct diagnosis of the condition. And that can be life threatening. If a mole is regular, changes shape or looks unusual, be sure to have it checked by your doctor.

Nasty cut

Not only is self surgery painful, but one wrong move and you could cut yourself badly. And cutting too deeply or in the wrong place can result in an emergency room visit. our neck is particularly vulnerable where there are arteries that are fairly close to the surface of the skin. Nick one of those large blood vessels and you can find yourself in very big trouble.


If you do not clean the tools, the mole itself, and the skin around the mole, when conducting a home remedy, you could cause an infection. This can lead to inflammation, soreness, and a visit to the doctor anyway, not to mention requiring more out of pocket costs, and the related discomfort.

Painful procedures

Cutting and scraping procedures can be painful. And you cannot legally acquire local anesthetics. Skin numbing creams are available over the counter or on Amazon but they will not help if you cause yourself some serious pain.


While no mole removal technique can guarantee scar-free skin, you have a better chance of a smaller or no scar, if you have a doctor remove your mole. Home removal can leave your skin badly marked, and that defeats the intention of the mole removal in the first place. No one wants to trade an ugly mole for an ugly scar.