Closeup of Jennifer Lawrence's red chest moles
Closeup of Jennifer Lawrence’s red chest moles

What the Chinese Art of Face Reading says about body moles

The ancient Chinese Art of Face Reading provides insight into mole on your face as well as corresponding moles on your body.

Some people content that moles on the body are marks carried over from past lives. They are badges of experience and can be an indicate of some good or bad deed from a previous incarnation.

Some sages say that moles show good fortune or possibly misfortune depending on their color and position. Perhaps they are flesh-borne milestones and markers of past deeds.

Each one has a meaning and reading them can offer insight into a person, their personality and their life.

Here is a guide to what your body moles mean based on various interpretations from different cultures.

Back and bum Moles

What a back mole means:

A person with a mole on their back has an outgoing personality. The also have  strong communication skills and are easy to talk to and are great listeners.

What a mole on your bum means:

Someone with a mole on their butt is a person who is:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Vital and full of life
  • Engaging. They like to meet people and are good with strangers
  • Lucky. They have luck with money and wealth

It can be an excellent indication that you are smart, have wisdom and creativity. You will be or are highly respected.

What a mole on your tailbone indicates:

This mole on a male shows your potential to be successful and wealthy. Entrepreneurs with this mole will have good fortune. On a woman a tailbone mole shows you pays attention to your work. You are reliable and trustworthy.

Leg Moles

What a mole on the lower leg means:

These people are hard workers. They are responsible. And the work hard. They are good business people and they work dilently for their families.

What a mole on the back of the knee shows:

A mole on the back of a woman’s knee predicts she will have excellent relationships with most people and will be likeable.  On a man,  a mole in this location is not good. You will suffer a life of scarcity. (You might want to remove this mole.)

Neck Moles

What moles on the neck around Adam’s apple mean:

A mole on the neck near the Adam’s apple suggest that the person may not get get along with their family.

What moles on the base of the front of the neck:

This mole location may indicate a shorter lifespan. You may suffer from high stress.

Stomach and Chest Moles

What a mole on your chest means:

A mole, especially if it is reddish in color, on the chest means you are:

  • Passionate:
  • Generous
  • Loving
  • And you have good relationships with children.

What a mole in the center of your chest on your breast bone means:

You have a kind heart. You exude generosity. When engaging in business people can trust you to be honest and honorable.

What a mole on the navel means:

A mole, especially a red mole, on the navel means the person is wise. The have good fortune. And the love good food. Some would call them gourmets.

What a mole on the upper ribcage below the breasts or pectorals means:

A mole mid torso brings good fortune for both genders. Life will be smooth and expect to get lucky with unexpected windfalls. If you have two moles here, expect doubly good fortune.

Pubic Moles

What a mole on your lower abdomen means:

On a man, a mole low on your abdomen near your genitals means you will have many children. On a woman this mean you are very passionate and have a high sex drive.

Arm Moles

What a mole on a shoulder means

A mole on the shold means that this person needs to work hard for their family. They may have more arguments and be combative at times.

What a mole on in an armpit means:

If a mole is near an armpit, it is a sign of good fortune and luck for men. If the mole is tucked in the armpit, it can you will achieve a high rank in your life.

What a mole on the inside of your arm (opposite to your elbow) means:

This location for a mole suggests that it is difficult for you to win recognition for hard work. Achieving the result you desire could be tough and difficult.

Hand Moles

What a mole on the inside of your wrist means:

You are good at spending your money. It will be difficult for you to hold on to any wealth. Practise giving to charity and this will ensure you have plenty of money to spend and to give away.

What a mole on the left hand means

This mole means money flows away from you quicker than you can earn it.

What a mole on the right hand means:

Mole located on the right hand helps attract a flow of money to you.

What a mole on the bicep means:

On a man,  mole on this arm muscle conveys that you need to work hard for anything you earn. You may also do physical types of work. On a woman, a mole on this location means children are in safe hands with her as she loves kids, and they will love her

What moles on your face mean:

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