mole examination before a shave biopsy
Mole examination before a shave biopsy

Professional mole removal by a doctor

Here are the steps that a doctor will typically take if  you go into his or her office for mole removal. This technique is called a shave biopsy. It is called a shave biopsy because it requires relatively shallow cut into the top layers of skin to remove a mole.

The procedure takes only a few minutes. A more involved mole removal process is called an excision biopsy. An even more thorough procedure is called a punch biopsy.

Steps in a shave biopsy

Here are the steps for a shave biopsy of a mole:

  1. Mole and skin around it is cleaned
  2. Area is injected with a numbing agent.
  3. Doctor cuts out the mole with a scalpel.
  4. Then the wound is swabbed with gauze.
  5. Doctor cauterizes the small wound with an instrument to stop any bleeding. (Cauterizing burns the wound with heated instrument or chemical to stop bleeding and infection.)
  6. The mole is preserved by the doctor in a specimen bottle.
  7. It is shipped out for testing by a lab to ensure it is not cancerous.

To see this procedure in action watch this short video with Dr Coyle Connolly :


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